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Private or Mobile lenders

Mobile version for tracking transactions on the move.

For consumer Credit

We help merchants across africa sell their goods on credit

  • we Boost merchant sales by enabling them sell anything on credit.
  • We match merchants with lenders for credit transaction.
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Benefits of using our lend platform

A Next-Generation Platform


Online Purchases

School Fees



Car Purchase

Import Finance


zero onboarding cost

zero. Save huge on original cost of development.

Loan request management

Create or receive loan requests from your borrowers, anywhere.

Smooth disbursement

Directly from your bank account with one click.

relentless recollection

We try and retry to auto-debit your borrowers for repayment till success.

Powerful analytics

AI powered credit scoring, Bank statement and profile analytics etc

Every relevant integration

paystack, Flutterwave, interswitch, remita, credit bureau, USSD, AVS etc

Advanced Verification

Address Verification, BVN, Phone, Email to ensure SMS, EMail, push notifications, etc

21+ Features

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P2P Lending

We Power some of the P2P platforms you know.

  • Leverage our tech to enter the emerging market
  • P2P or crowd lending platform, ready to go.
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Digital Lending

Our lending channel offers everything and more.

Consumer credit

We are matching consumer ecosystems with lenders.

Bank transaction analysis

We crash your statement analysis time by 98%.

Digital saving/investment

API for everything Savings and investment.

Credibility & Identity Analysis

We analyze credibility for fintechs and businesses

Multichannel Collection

One platform for all collections, offline or online.

Credit Data Aggregation

We aggregate available borrowings data

5+ More

We keep innovating to improving our omnichannel.

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