Tech for your agents.

Setup and monitor your collection agents on our platform

  • Setup collection limits, prevent fraud.
  • Dynamic collection monitoring for your agents
  • Multiple channels for deposit on collection
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One Mobile app for all types of collection

On bank transactions

We analyze any African bank statement in 10 seconds, reduce TAT by 98%

  • Generate patterns of income, borrowings, transfers, gambling, sweepers,
  • Location analysis, financial ratios, spending patterns, 80+ More
  • Pull Statements in pdf or directly from source
  • Useful for Banks, Tax offfices, accountants, Lenders, Embassy etc.

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Collection Agents

We are aggregating collection agents

  • Make money from the roaming collection
  • access Scheduled collection
  • Localized to your area, ensuring minimal effort
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Digital Lending

Our lending channel offers everything and more.

Consumer credit

We are matching consumer ecosystems with lenders.

Bank transaction analysis

We crash your statement analysis time by 98%.

Digital saving/investment

API for everything Savings and investment.

Credibility & Identity Analysis

We analyze credibility for fintechs and businesses

Multichannel Collection

One platform for all collections, offline or online.

Credit Data Aggregation

We aggregate available borrowings data

5+ More

We keep innovating to improving our omnichannel.

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