Our Story

A great vision, a relentless team

With a strong belief that Africa will only fulfill her objective when the true potentials of borderless credit are fulfilled, We started building the tech and later the business that followed.

It has been an incredible journey, driven by a team of engineers, finance experts and customer addicts who certainly will not be resting until every African has access to affordable credit

Why Choose us?

We offer peerless insight into solutions around credit, credibility and collection.

Security conciousness is our business oxygen.

Collaboration with other fintechs for aggregation has been key.

Speed to market is considered our premium quality.

Support for our customers and partners is guaranteed 24/7.

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We work hard, we play hard

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.


Menu is served

Digital Lending

Our lending channel offers everything and more.

Consumer credit

We are matching consumer ecosystems with lenders.

Bank transaction analysis

We crash your statement analysis time by 98%.

Digital saving/investment

API for everything Savings and investment.

Credibility & Identity Analysis

We analyze credibility for fintechs and businesses

Multichannel Collection

One platform for all collections, offline or online.

Credit Data Aggregation

We aggregate available borrowings data

5+ More

We keep innovating to improving our omnichannel.

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doing great stuff, and having a lot of fun.